The talented team around Arthur Mamou Mani is always pushing the boundaries of creating inspiring spaces and products.
We already had collaborated with him on his Shanghai XianTianDi 3D Printing Pop-up Studio.

This time he teamed up with Antony Dobrzensky at Food Ink, who’s vision is to travel the world to offer a one-of-a-kind gourmet experience. A conceptual pop-up dinner series where fine cuisine
meets art, philosophy and tomorrow’s technologies. They we are putting at work most innovative technologies, like 3D-printing and augmented reality, in order to elaborate the most exquisite interactive edible experience.

Part of the experience is to even dine on 3D printed furniture that the Mamou Mani team is currently designing. We are grateful that we can continue our relationship with the team on providing the PLA Filaments required for the project.

Here a short Video of the inaugural event:

We wish the team all the best and look forward to follow the project as it progresses.
Here some early proof of concept prints on the chairs.


Arthur “testing” his prototype


Prototype closeup (Printed in ExcelFil Natural PLA)










You can find more Information at the respective sites here: