Why consider taking a 3D Printing Class

3D Printing has received a lot of media attention in the last few years. We often have enquires from customers that are a little confused about what they heard.

Sometimes they struggle to fully understand how 3D printing potentially can benefit their businesses, sometimes the expectations have been overhyped by the media and they would like to have an honest look at the limitations of the technology.

Getting a well balanced overview on what 3D Printing can do, how it works and what business opportunities are associated with it is not easy.

The team at GetReady 4 3D has put together a comprehensive Video-on-Demand Online Learning Module that is explaining all of these things in a compact, professional and high quality format.

GetReady4 3D Team

Diogo Quental

Diogo Quental

Co-Founder of GetReady4 3D, Diogo’s experience in 3D Printing started at BEEVERYCREATIVE that he co-founded in 2012 and served as CEO for two and half years.

Nadia Yaakoubi

Nadia Yaakoubi

Nadia is a co-founder and the Project Coordinator of GetReady4 3D. She has an academic background in mechanical engineering and she believes that 3D Printing will change the way we create and think.

What was my take-away?

The class is in a well paced Video on Demand Format and also provides the critical information in great PDF summaries for every section, which come in handy as downloadable reference.

Even after working in the industry for a long time I still found the content engaging and took quite a few things away myself.

The course covers the following content:

  • Understand the fundamentals of 3D printing
  • Know the 3D printing process and ecosystem
  • Understand the steps of the printing process
  • Materialise your idea into a real 3D object
  • Distinguish among printers, materials, and techniques
  • Comprehend the business potential of 3D printing technology

The complete course took me about 2-3 hours to complete and concluded with a Final Evaluation to reinforce the learned content.


Here a quick introduction from the creators themselves:



Creating and producing this class must haven taken month. The full course package comes at a very reasonable 29,90€, about USD 33. The cost of a spool of filament, which I feel, is a fair price for the quality of the content delivered.

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