3DP Essentials – 3D Model Digital Caliper

Product Overview

The 3D Model Caliper is equipped with a hardened stainless steel frame with precision-ground jaws and uses high-quality digital capacitive encoders to measure model dimensions quickly and accurately.

It provides the convenience of four main measuring modes:

  • Inner diameter
  • Outer diameter
  • Depth measurement gauge
  • Relative measurement in all modes

A position-locking screw together with a precision thumb roll mechanism allows for controlled calibration of measurements.

The caliper’s maximum measurement range spans up to 150mm (6 inches), which makes it perfect for most 3D printed models while still being compact enough to find space on the busiest of workbenches.

Its electronics are optimized for low energy consumption to ensure a long, hassle-free battery life. For your convenience, we even include a spare battery in a protective case.

The included quality hard-case helps keep your caliper stored away safely when not in use, thus protecting this device from damage so you can enjoy accurate measurements for years to come.

Primary Features and Benefits

  • Easy to operate. Easily switch between metric and imperial measurement displays.
  • High Accuracy: Allows to measure even the thinnest layer sizes.
  • Large 5-digit LCD display allows taking readings with ultimate accuracy across the caliper’s full measurement range.
  • Quick reset button allows zero- relative offset measurements conveniently.
  • Auto power off. It powers itself off after five minutes to preserve battery life.


Measurement Range 0mm – 150mm, 0 inch – 6 inch
Measurement Accuracy 0.02mm / 0.001 inch up to 150mm
Significant Figures 4 in metric units and 5 in English units
Calibration Adjustable calibration for point of origin
Measuring Speed Up to 1.5m/s
Working temperature 0° to 40° C
Storage temperature -10° to 60° C
Relative Humidity <80%
Display High contrast 5-digit LCD, Display resolution of 0.01mm / 0.0005 inch
Material Hardened Steel for mechanical parts directly involved with measurement
Battery 1.55 V Long-life LR44, with one spare provided
Packaging Sturdy hard-case
Hardcase Size 244mm x 91mm x 27mm
Compliance CE, RoHS
Product Packaging 285mm x 98mm x 31mm
Weight 375g including hard-case and packaging

Detailed description

The Voltivo 3D Model Digital Caliper is an essential tool for every 3D printing enthusiast. You can create dimensionally accurate models and prototypes from existing objects or measure your pre-printed models for accuracy.

Voltivo’s digital caliper can also assist you with convenient and accurate initial calibration of your 3D printer.

Easily switch between metric and English units of measure, and use its auto on/off feature to maximize its battery life.



A measurement is meaningless if you can’t read it with extreme precision. Voltivo’s 3D Model Digital Caliper displays up to 5 digits, compared to alternative products only providing 4 digits.

This will allow you to make measurements accurate to 0.02mm (0.001 inch) across its whole operating range of 150mm, while 4-digit instruments will only allow 0.1mm (0.005 inch) of accuracy for objects greater than 100mm.


USD 49 / EUR 49 / AUD 50 / TWD 1600