Aniwaa recently tested our ExcelFil TECH Aluminium and Wood composite Filaments. We really like their comprehensive testing methodology which goes beyond a couple of basic print tests.

Here a quick excerpt from their conclusion.

Read the full review here

The Voltivo ExcelFil TECH filaments produce excellent 3D prints with a very interesting appearance and texture. The overall 3D printing experience was great, with useful QR codes on the packaging and a well organized website. These are definitely high end exotic 3D filaments. Our preference goes to the ExcelFil TECH Wood Composite because of its aspect, which closely mimic the wood. It was a little more difficult to make it stick to the 3D print bed and we had to test several settings before getting a good result. Regarding this part the Aluminum was easier to handle. The ExcelFil TECH are an interesting pick for artistic work or producing stylish objects, but remember: at $50-$60 a 0.5kg spool, they don’t come cheap!