ExcelFil™ – Compatibility with printers

Once you decided that it’s time to print with high quality filament, a frequent question we get is: Is your filament compatible with my printer?

95% of all the consumer segment 3D printers on the market today use 1.75mm or 3mm filament in either ABS or PLA.

While printers which have heated print beds allow for ABS printing, Most, if not all can also work with PLA which extrudes at lower temperatures and does not warp easy even on non heated beds.

In addition, our filament specifications match or exceed tolerances of the consumables on the market today and we will continue to ensure this will continue to be that way.

So, yes, our filament can be used with all of these, unless the printer manufacturer has taken electronic measures to lock his printer into their proprietary filaments. There are only very few we are aware of right now, like for example 3D Systems Cube line of devices. 3D Systems however decided not to produce them anymore.

Besides the pure material and diameter compatibility, one consideration is also the printer’s spool holder system in terms of the spindle/hub size. Most printers of the current generation have external spool holders which can accept pretty much any filament spool on the market today.

If not, sites like Thingiverse.com provide a plethoria of printable spool holders for many common models which adapt the spool holders for different spindle diameters. As part of our compatibility list we aim to provide links to these where possible.

Our products hub diameters a listed alongside the specification on the respective product pages or on the back of our retail packaging.

RepRap Printers

Pretty much all Rep-Rap printer models from the popular open hardware community movement can be used with our filaments. Just to name a few, models include the i3, Mendel, MendelMax, Darwin, Prusa and Huxley.

Other tested and community confirmed printers

Company Printer Diameter
Makerbot Industries Makerbot Replicator PLA 1.75mm
Makerbot Industries Makerbot Replicator 2 PLA 1.75mm Spool Holder
Makerbot Industries Makerbot Replicator 2x PLA 1.75mm
Ultimaking Ultimaker PLA & ABS 3mm
Ultimaking Ultimaker 2 PLA & ABS 3mm Spool Holder
Velleman K8200 PLA & ABS 3mm
Prinrbot JR/Plus/Simple PLA 1.75mm
UP Mini/Plus 2 ABS 1.75mm
Afinia H-Series 1.75mm
Solidoodle 2nd/3rd/4th Generation ABS 1.75mm
FlashForge Replicator 1.75mm
Conrad Elektronik Renkforce RF1000 PLA & ABS 3mm
AIO Robotics ZEUS PLA 1.7mmm

Printers not fully compatible

Company Printer Note
Lulzbot Ao100, TAZ3 We had reports that the PTFE tubes used seem to have an inner diameter of only 3mm.