Our product quality and even more importantly product safety are paramount to Voltivo.

The filament industry is fairly unregulated at this stage, and there are quite a few manufacturers ou there cutting corners when it comes to product safety. Frequently, recycled, contaminated materials would be used to reduce their cost on raw polymers.

Also, low-end master batches (pigments and dyes) can (and do) contain heavy metals such as lead or others.

Finally, we also came across a few manufacturers that add Plasticizers to their compounds to make production faster and easier. However, these are known to potentially be carcinogenic or cause birth defects.

We are very aware that most printers are used in office or home environments where the polymers get heated to 200+ degrees C. To provide the utmost safety we have recently re-certified our filaments to the new, more comprehensive and safer RoHs 2 standards which comes legally in force in 2019 in the European Union. This recast also includes mentioned Plasticizers (Phthalates) like DBP, BBP, DEHP, DIBP next to heavy metals like Cadmium, Lead, Mercury, CR(VI), PBBs and PBDEs.

While for the layman these acronyms might not mean much, we are proud to confirm that our ExcelFil products do not contain any of these substances. This makes our material compounds safer for home and office use, where people dear to us, live and work.

This criterion is also important for use in education and other governmental institutions.

We will continue to work towards higher standards wherever possible.

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