ExcelFil TECH Flex – High-Grade Composite 3D Printing Filament

Product Overview

ExcelFil TECH FLEX filaments are designed for applications which need flexibility, while at the same time being hard wearing and abrasion resistant.

Made from base polymers that are also used in the shoe industry for rubber soles for example , it is quite resistant to wear and tear. ExcelFil Tech Flex’s has a carefully designed stiffness, which allows for extrusion on both Bowden and Direct Drive Extruders. It exhibits smooth flow characteristics, rapid cooling, and has a high tensile strength.

ExcelFil TECH FLEX is available in the two most popular diameters that fit many brands of printers. Voltivo ships ExcelFil TECH FLEX on sturdy recyclable spools, vacuum sealed with a desiccant bag to ensure it arrives moisture-free.

Primary Features and Benefits

  • Abrasion Resistant, Flexible Base Polymer
  • Diameter and Roundness accuracy better than 0.03mm
  • Flexible with a shore hardness of 45D, similar to a rubber sole
  • Only virgin raw materials, no scrap or recycled source material
  • Easy extrusion, also on unheated beds
  • Strong layer bonds
  • Support website with tested print temperature guidelines
  • Arrives packaged in vacuum shrink wrap with a desiccant bag to ensure controlled humidity levels in transit


Types Flexible Thermoplastic Filament
Diameter Accuracy 2.85mm ±0.03mm or 1.75mm ±0.03mm
Roundness Accuracy ±0.03mm
Optimal Print Temperature You can find specific, tested temperatures for all materials and colors in our Support Database
Spool Dimensions Outer Diameter: 196mm, Spool Hub Diameter: 56mm, Width: 48mm
Packaging Vacuum-sealed with a sachet of desiccant
Ships in Rugged cardboard protective shipping box
Box Size 210mm x 210mm x 55mm
Material Net Weight 500g ±20g (1.10lb ±0.05lb)

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USD 59 / EUR 49 / AUD 69 / TWD 1800