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Tired of trial and error with what temperature your filament prints best at ? We test and provide specific temperature guidelines in our ExcelFil Support Database.

Optimal Temperatures

Pre-configured Slicer profiles for ExcelFil

We provide pre-configured profiles for different Slicers which will preconfigure your software for the right extruder and bed temperatures, fan setup, diameters and other important parameters.

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Printable Accessories

Have a look at our projects on Thingiverse. You will find Spools Clips, Filament holders and our other small projects that will make your use of ExcelFil more enjoyable.

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Filament Related FAQ


Filament in General


What do we consider a premium filament?

  • First grade raw materials
  • No Micro-bubbles
  • Non-toxic or no otherwise harmful colorants
  • No dangerous plastic conditioners like Phthalates
  • No harmful other additive (Tests for RoHS 1.0 + 2.0)
  • No or very little odor when printing
  • Even melt flow when printed
  • Evenly mixed and consistently extruded when produced
  • Consistency Diameter with a defined and guaranteed variance
  • Clear processing parameters guidelines

Why are accurate diameter tolerances important?

  • Accuracy of printing as Slicer is not aware of diameter changes which leads to little or too much material being deposited
  • Visibly smoother printed surfaces

How long can I print with one spool of ExcelFil™?

A spool of ExcelFil™ contains a net weight of 1kg filament. Depending on the nominal diameter of the purchased filament the length of the filament is calculated as following:

Length = Mass / ( Density x PI x ( Diameter / 2 )^2 )

The density for our PLA filament is 1.24g/cm3 and 1.04g/cm3 for ABS.

Hence a 1 kg spool of 3mm PLA yields in average 117 meters. A 1 kg spool of 1.75mm PLA yields in average 345 meters. A 1 kg spool of 3mm ABS yields in average 140 meters. A 1 kg spool of 1.75mm ABS yields in average 411 meters.

EVO has about 232.588 m on each spool of 1.75mm.

An iPhone cover for example takes about 1.14m to print in 3mm PLA. So to give you an idea, you can print a good 100 pieces with one spool!

Why do print temperatures vary for different colored Filament?

Different color pigments used influence the melting and glass transition temperature points of ABS and PLA. This is the reason that you have to try-and-error the optimal print temperature when you buy a new role of filament. We have spent a lot of time to properly characterize the filament we sell and our support database has pretty exact recommendations on which temperatures are optimal for each and every different variation.

Is ExcelFil an OEM product from a random factory?

  • We carefully researched our own formula to produce ExcelFil Filament
  • We hand-picked high quality raw materials from global industry leaders
  • First Grade material, no recycled polymers
  • We are a shared production manufacturing company

Aren’t all filaments made from the same materials?

  • Most filament are made from different compounds.
  • Voltivo ExcelFil uses approved material with the highest quality compound for our filaments.
  • We constantly research on improvement of our material compositions

I have seen other brands with a wide temperature range setting, why your temperature gap is so small?

  • High purity/non-recycled materials allow the plastic to melt at lower, well defined temperatures
  • We have tested and researched our material with the best melting temperature with +/- 6-10 degree C
  • For best printing in quality please view our temperature guide

How does Voltivo ensure their product quality?

  • Primary High Precision Laser measurement system to alert inconsistency
  • Diameter Consistency of at least +/-0.05mm
  • Secondary Quality check at the production line
  • Tertiary print tests of every batch before release for shipment

After opening the vacuum packaging, how long can the filament last?

  • Depends on the humidity of your surrounding environment
  • Filaments tend to easily absorb moisture
  • For low humidity environment it will last for months
  • We always suggest to properly store your filaments to preserved the best quality
  • Storing them in a airtight container with sufficient desiccant will extend the useful life

How to choose PLA or ABS for different applications?

ABS can sustain higher temperatures before it softens It also is better suited for outdoor applications in general PLA, in general is easier to print and best suited for design prototypes for example

Why do I experience cracking / fracture lines on my print?

  • Often, this is the result of incorrect temperature settings of the bed, extruder
  • Also, a build environment that is not shielded from drafts or temperature changes will cause inconsistent cooling of the print and cracks in the final model.
  • This effect also can result from low grade polymers which have have high shrinkage factors

How to store filament the best possible way?

  • An active dehumidifier is the best (Like a photo equipment cabinet)
  • Store the filament in a cold dry compartment will prolong its quality
  • Store them in a container with silica gel packets
  • Using a ziploc bag and Silica gel packets

Why do I experience tangling or a knot on my spool after some time printing?

  • During Manufacturing, filament is spooled onto the spool body in one go which ensures no knots or tangles are on a freshly sealed spool.
  • Occasionally, after opening the spool, in between prints, the top layers on the filament spool might unspool themselves due to the inherent tension of the filament itself. Then when manually spooled back onto the spool, overlaps might happen that will later lead to knots when continuing printing.
  • This can be prevented by making sure filament does not unspool itself by feeding the end of the filament through one of the holes in the spool similar to the way they were when delivered before the used spool is stored. That will stop filament from untangling, hence preventing knots and tangles after continuous use of the spool.

Should I use caliper to measure the diameter every time I print?

  • With Voltivo ExcelFil you can print with peace of mind every time as our filament diameters are very consistent
  • We do suggest making a habit every time you feed in a new spool of filament

Is ExcelFil Filament compatible with other brands of printer?

ExcelFil Compatibility List

What is PLA?

Wikipedia Article on PLA

What is ABS?

Wikipedia Article on ABS

What is the difference between PLA and ABS?

PLA is a polymer produced from renewable resources like maize and sugar cane. It in general is easier to print, does not require a heated bed and warps less. It is bio-degradable in the right conditions.

ABS on the other hand is made from fossil fuels, is much harder and more impact resistant, hence often used for mechanical parts or parts to be exposed to the elements.

Have a look at our Blog Post

3D printer and nozzle related

Can filaments damage the nozzle?

  • In general, quality filament with proper heat setting will not damage printer nozzle.
  • Low cost, impure filaments may contained dirty substance that will cause cloggage
  • Some compound Materials like Carbon Fibre or Metal Powders will dramatically accelerate wear and tear on brass nozzles

What to do if my nozzle clogged?

  • Check your recommended melting temperature of your filament.
  • Impurities in low quality filament, larger than your nozzle size may be blocking the nozzle
  • Consult your printer manufacturer

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Are metal or other compound filaments harmful to my nozzle?

If the ration of polymer to metal compound are too high, brass nozzles, which most current printers use, will greatly suffer. You will be able to see that effect after a short while. Our ExcelFil TECH series has a carefully balanced polymer to compound ratio, to protect your nozzles from these effects.

How can I prolong the life of my nozzle?

  • Voltivo Filament Cleaner will prevent small particle or dirt clogging printer nozzles in the long run
  • Only use Premium filament
  • Use proper heat and speed setting


What if I accidentally swallowed a printed part or filament stub

Call your local emergency services provider * United States – Dial 911 * Canada – Dial 911 * European Union – Dial 112 * Taiwan – Dial 119 * Australia – Dial 000 * UK – Dial 999 * Hong Kong – Dial 999 * Singapore – Dial 999

Does your plastic release dangerous fumes when printing?

  • Voltivo material are professionally certified by SGS and RoHS
  • We respect the safety of our consumer
  • We are not able to ensure other printing component safety they may or may not produce hazardous gas – Please refer to the provided Material Safety Datasheets for more information
  • ExcelFil ABS material safety datasheet (PDF)
  • ExcelFil PLA material safety datasheet (PDF)
  • Food Contact Application Note (PDF)

Is printing indoors without ventilation harmful to humans if we breathe in?

ABS can create fumes or micro particles similar to Laser printers when heated to melting temperatures. Ensure good ventilation when printing.

Is your filament safe to print food grade parts?

Even though PLA is an organic mixture of compounds like corn starch and sugar but we cannot control the safety of of your printing process and parts. So we do not suggest or recommend you to use 3D printing for food related applications.

My pets are always close to the printer while printing, is there anything I should worry about safety?

Printing material itself will not harm any living creature Pets love 3D printer because of the heat it generates. Keep them away if its in operation. There are moving parts please do make sure they will not tangle your lovely pet.

How can I know if I purchased authentic ExcelFil Filaments?

As long as purchases made within our partners we can 100% guaranteed authenticity http://voltivo.com/partners

Is your filament safe to print mechanical replacement parts for vehicle?

  • We do not suggest using any type filament to print any mechanical replacement parts for vehicle
  • If you print a fancy cup holder or missing volume control knob then we think it is safe to print

How to properly dispose of used, printed filament?

Disposing any plastics material such like ABS and PLA to a proper recycle agency

Can I use ExcelFil to print toys for my kids?

  • 3D printing is a very creative hobby which allow many enthusiast making their children a unique toys
  • We do not suggest printing small parts where is possible to accidentally swallow
  • We do not suggest printing utensils which have direct contact with internal body

Why does the filament color look slightly different after printing

Printed filament may or may not change the color due to the temperature We cannot guarantee 100% color matching, but we aim to keep our colors consistent batch after batch