Have you heard about the e-NABLE project ?

What had originally started with a few people designing and printing hand prosthetics for children in need, developed into a large project where owner of 3D printers donate their time to print these awesome devices that will for sure put a smile in the face of these kids in need!

We recently donated our #Excelfil PLA Filaments to the cause, so dedicated people like Aaron Brown can 3D print dozens of cool hand prosthetics for kids in need. See an interview with him talking about the project below. Can you spot our Deep Purple Excelfil PLA Spool on his workhorse printer in the background?

The Project always can use more volunteers donating print time on their printers. Check out the group to learn how you can get engaged!

If you are located in Asia, and want to contribute to the project, please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss how Voltivo can help with advice or our ExcelFil PLA filaments.

See the whole interview with Aaron here:
Man Uses 3D Printer To Turn Kids Into Superheroes With Prosthetic Hands