When we say we are passionate for 3D Printing, we mean it.

We have used 3D Printing and CNC milling services for prototyping our DIY projects since way back in 2002. It helped us accelerating prototype design beyond the expensive and time-consuming approach of using traditional Molds.

When the time came, that everybody could have one of these awesome machines in their home or office, it became pretty quickly clear, that there were huge differences in quality of consumables available. With pretty much every new spool of filament we ordered from vendors that seemed more interested in making a quick buck trading sub-par industrial welding rod. We experienced terrible diameter in-accuracies, blobbing, stringing, materials recycled from plastic scrap, low ratio of color pigment added, down to blocked extruders and nozzles on our beloved printers, which were time-consuming, messy and expensive to fix.

Given that we are located in one of Asia’s centers of innovation we realized, that we had plenty of manufacturing options available to make the Filament that we always wanted. Not in a garage setting, but on best-in-class extrusion machines using the latest technology. ExcelFil was born! We could control the raw materials which we sourced from reputable US and German companies, ensured the right amount of color pigments for deep opaque colors and optimized the “recipe” until we had a filament that we enjoyed printing with trouble-free and with results that lend themselves for small scale production.

Then we did all of this many times over, to further fine-tune the composition based on the feedback we got from the local maker community who we supplied with free samples to incrementally improve variables like flow speed and glass transition points. As quite a few our friends shared the satisfaction for our filament, we in early 2013 decided to make this a product that we sincerely hope you will enjoy using as much as we do. In 2014 we also are adding other accessories to the portfolio that will hopefully make your 3D printing life easier and more productive.

Happy Printing!

Your Voltivo Team.